The challenge of party political funding: comparative perspective - Navraj S. Ghaleigh

ISBN 9788849117363
AUTRICE/AUTORE Navraj S. Ghaleigh

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...t from society at large for a political party or candidate ... The Challenge of Party Political Funding: Comparative ... ... . Yet, it could also be exploited to unduly influence the political processes. For example, the recent news in New Zealand in which a politician received a large amount of donations from a wealthy Chinese businessman has triggered a public debate on electoral finance reform in the country. A Comparative Perspective STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS STANFORD, CALIFORNIA 2' O O 7. CONTENTS ... ANDTHERESPONSE 1. The Political Economy of ... The challenge of party political funding: comparative ... ... . CONTENTS ... ANDTHERESPONSE 1. The Political Economy of Terrorism Financing 7 Jeanne K. Giraldo and Harold A. Trinkunas 2. Terrorism Financing Mechanisms and Policy Dilemmas 21 Nikos ... Funding the Party of God 134 Matthew Levitt 9. Arab Government Responses to ... Why Dominant Parties Lose develops a theory of single-party dominance, its durability, and its breakdown into fully competitive democracy. Greene shows that dominant parties turn public resources into patronage goods to bias electoral competition in their favor and virtually win elections before election day without resorting to electoral fraud or bone-crushing repression. The cartel party thesis holds that political parties increasingly function like cartels, employing the resources of the state to limit political competition and ensure their own electoral success. The thesis has been subject to varied empirical testing and to substantial theoretical evaluation and criticism. Request PDF | Party Polarization and Mass Partisanship: A Comparative Perspective | Scholars view polarization with trepidation. But polarization may clarify voters' choices and generate ... Political Finance in Comparative Perspective — Executive Summary Political Finance in Comparative Perspective — Executive Summary 2 The most common reforms in recent years have sought to strengthen disclosure and public funding The cases under comparison suggest that among all the available policy instruments, the most Democratic police governance in comparative perspective Reflections from ... public infor mation about the funding, ... in comparative criminology, in the political economy of ... We are delighted to be publishing in partnership with the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). ECPR is an independent scholarly association, established in 1970. Its 350 institutional members across around 50 countries represent the leading universities, students and senior academics engaged in the research and teaching of political science worldwide. Get this from a library! Terrorism financing and state responses : a comparative perspective. [Jeanne K Giraldo; Harold A Trinkunas;] -- Through a series of organisational & regional case studies, this volume examines terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda & Hezbollah. It offers an assessment of our knowledge of terrorism financing. Gideon Rahat is the author of The Politics of Regime Structure Reform in Democracies (0.0 avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews, published 2008), From Party P... Sharp analyses of topical news from a political science perspective, ... "Democracy for Realists" in a Comparative Perspective. Citizenship . Democracy . Political Parties . Candidate . ... Our Section takes up the challenge to test the extent to which these findings are applicable to other contexts with different historical, ... This study presents the latest in regulations and practices on political parties and electoral campaigns in Latin America. The book takes five thematic approaches: funding systems, media access, accountability and disclosure, control organizations and enforcement regimes, and a gender perspective. From Party Government to Party Governance - Volume 49 Issue 1 - Ludger Helms This book is one in a series (Comparative Politics) for students and teachers of political science that deals with contemporary issues in comparative government and politics. After an introduction, it has 11 contributions from leading scholars in the field, which present a critical overview of much of the recent literature on political parties, and systematically assess the capacity of ... Moises Ostrogorski once denounced political parties for burying diverse concerns of ... the US Congress in comparative perspective. ... characterized as the key challenge in the party-effects ... Here, the need for political funding, such as funding for elections or for the ruling party may lead ruling elites to accept bribes from investors in return for production licenses or land (Tangri ......